Chief Trunk
Classic Travel Style

Whether the journey begins in the city, country, beach or boat, these versatile and stylish travel bags from Chief Trunk are the ultimate must-have. Their delicate lines and neutral color palette create an exotic yet classic look – no need to flash around logos on your travel gear. Chief Trunk bags are made with the sturdy combination of canvas  and black leather, a smart and reliable choice for travelers.


The Chief Trunk Company is the revival of a storied american luxury trunk and travel goods brand, the oshkosh trunk company which during the golden age of travel was a peer to Louis Vuitton. At its peak in the 1930’s, Oshkosh trunk had stores on 34th street in new york, regent street in london and Champs-Elysees in paris. Upholding oshkosh trunk’s standards of quality and craftsmanship, chief trunk produces travel/city bags and accessories with its hallmark red and yellow striped canvas.


Chief Trunk is based—and manufactures its products—in New York City.

By Published on Jun 22 2015