Bungalow on the Threshold
Casa Malca

700 years ago, the coasts of Tulum were home to the last remaining Mayan inhabitants of the Yucatan Peninsula. Today, the ruins remain well preserved upon the 15-meter tall cliffs of Quintana Roo, Mexico. The pristine, teal tides rise gently along the sandy beaches. Tulum represents a virtually untouched mystery of a time past. At Casa Malca, located on the remote southern tip of coastline, one has the opportunity to bask in the inspiring magnificence of the ancient city.

  • Design Standard
  • Carretera Fed.Tulum-Boca Paila km 10.5
  • Tulum, Mexico
  • www.designhotels.com

    The hotel’s patron, Lio Malca, encourages a marriage of form and utility in his cozy, nine-room resort on the private beach of Tulum. Malca is a legend in the New York art scene, with numerous galleries in Manhattan’s Whitney Museum featuring artists the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Roy Lichtenstein. He brings that art to the walls of Casa Malca, which is lavishly decorated and draped with elegant ornamentation.


    However, the decor remains minimalist. Casa Malca is, in itself, a work of art as it is situated in its natural environment. Resting on the threshold between thick jungle and tranquil beaches, the boutique hotel mirrors the splendor of the ancient cities. Authenticity is key. It is essential to create a dialogue between the inside and the outside. Casa Malca is not just a luxury getaway.


    It is a reflection of the culture and history around it. This is the revolving theme behind all of the Design Hotels. Make no mistake – Design Hotels is not a chain; rather, it is a group of like-minded originals who search for hotels around there world and seek to bring them to a new level of authenticity and creativeness. Clinging to a nostalgic view of hotels from an era past, Design Hotels seeks to fight the monotony of cookie-cutter hotel designs. They are warriors against the mundane.

    Design Hotels has helped recreate nearly 300 hotels in more than 50 countries across the globe. Although many of their projects involve luxurious bungalows and grandiose resorts, the organization also has a soft spot for the bohemian community. From Berlin to Negril to Singapore, one can find hotel rooms for as low as $40 USD per night. These retreats have become destinations for budding communities of young artists and creatives.


    Not everyone travels for a vacation. It is not always about relaxing on the beach with a colorful drink. Sometimes, one must travel with open eyes and a keen interest towards experiencing a new culture. Local integration is a fundamental aspect to a hotel’s success. If Casa Malca is too expensive for some, there is a much more modest option nearby in Tulum at Papaya Playa,
    where nature and spiritual exploration are paramount.


    Many people tend to think that comfort is of chief importance when traveling. A vacation can be about exploring the world as well as exploring the self. A hotel can be more than an accommodation; it is an exhibit, a work of art than can benefit richly from the community around it. A hotelier is more than a host. He is an artist and a spiritual leader into the world unknown.

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