23 Aug 2012 - 1:25 pm

“The Cooks” by Mike Mitchell

Last Monday was the opening of the “Breaking Bad” Art Show presented by Breaking Gifs at the Gallery 1988 in Melrose, CA. A lot of artists participated in the exhibition by submitting artworks related to the greatest show on TV! There are a lot of awesome illustrations to buy, too bad a lot of them are already sold out…

Carlos East and Ernesto East of The Beast Brothers “Mr. White” & “Gus”

“Laundry Day” by Mike Mitchell

“The Last Bucket” by Mike Mitchell

“Cheetos Not Fritos” by Mike Mitchell

“Yo” by Mike Mitchell

“Mexican Shootout” by Rich Kelly

“Emilio?s Disposal” by Dave Perillo

“Gus” by Anthony Petrie

“Breaking Bad” by Lora Zombie

“Lily of the Valley” by Phantom City Creative

“Jane” by Frank Kozik

“Superlab” by Kevin Tong

“Saul Goodman” by Chris Delorenzo

“Breaking Bad: The Animated Series” by Ian Glaubinger


“Breaking Gifs” is a Breaking Bad Art Project. Which we should all just admit right now – is pretty awesome. One thing to keep in mind, you can participate from right in front of your computer screen. In other words, every hint/clue will also be posted right here, or on other website(s), so you don’t really have to go anywhere to be involved. If you do find yourself going somewhere that is talked about on our webpage, even though it is not mandatory, we ask that you to be courteous, extremely safe and know we would never ask you to do anything against the law or that could put you or anyone else in harm’s way. Please use common sense and caution, as everyone will have the same chance if they just keep their eye on the prize. Let’s do this.


Gallery 1988 Melrose
7020 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038

More information at Breaking Gifs and Purchase artwork at www.nineteeneightyeight.com