11 Aug 2014 - 12:19 pm

Bindella has seen growth over a hundred year period. Beginning as a small endeavour in Switzerland, today, Bindella runs 40 restaurants in Switzerland and produces wine, grappa and olive oil in Italy.

The Bindella family’s love of Tel Aviv inspired them to bring open their first restaurant outside of their native Switzerland and to share their Italian food with the locals. Bindella Tel Aviv suits the country’s mediterranean roots, as is apparent from the effortlessly chic design and refined menu.

As Tel Aviv’s culinary atmosphere becomes busier and more boisterous, we’re starting to see a rise in interest for more eclectic cuisines. Both the design and culinary concept create something adventurous yet  accessible and unpretentious.  Bindella aims to define Italian cuisine in Tel Aviv by introducing lighter dishes, contemporary design and an upscale environment.


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Brand Identity by Koniak Design