12 Feb 2013 - 7:39 pm

As many interesting characters over the course of history can probably attest to, nothing beats the land of Israel for earth so naturally beautiful you would think it is blessed by God. The Ramon Crater sits in the middle of Israel’s Negev Desert, and is shaped like an elongated heart. The land is home to a geologists’ encyclopedia worth of fossils dating back as much as 220 million years, so if you are a crystal hunter, you should probably venture over here (which is what Cool Hunting did recently). The Beresheet Hotel is built directly into a cliff overlooking this region, with extraordinary sprawling views in prime luxurious accommodations. Overall, the design appears to match the natural beauty of the surroundings, which we would love to take in from one the private guest room pools. The hotel features local materials such as stones, woven wall hangings from nomadic, indigenous neighbors, and repurposed timber. I can only imagine how enriching a stop in this sacred spot might be.

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