François Correia

    Journalist & Content writer

  • François is a Brazilian-born, London based journalist. An ingenious writer - a traveller by heart. He loves telling stories, inspiring people to start their own adventures and being in the moment.

    Most inspiring trip: Nikko in Japan - the mist, the sounds of the temples, the fragrance of incense at this former imperial city - everything was so ethereal, so magical.

    Quirkiest country you’ve visited: Egypt. It was amazing how many crazy situations I went through in Cairo. Heading to the Siwa oasis was also super-surreal.

    I never travel without… An open heart.

    Where are you dying to go? Bhutan, São Tomé and Prince.

    Favorite under the radar place? Saco do Mamanguá - Brazil.

    Travel advice: Don't try to change the way other culture's do stuff - every way is valid. Also be out of your comfort zone - that's where often times the magic happens. In the journey we trust!

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