03 Apr 2014 - 12:00 pm


Guillaume Constantin
The future of what, 2011
Galerie Bertrand Grimont



Carlos Aires
Garden of Delights III (Crisis Edition), 2013
Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art


The Art Paris Contemporary Art Fair takes place every year at the Grand Palais in Paris, exhibiting carefully curated bits and pieces from the collections of the world’s most well-known galleries.

Similar to Art Basel in Miami or the Armory Show in New York City, Art Paris brings together the contemporary art world – gallerists, collectors, the art press — and creates a platform for young artists to display their work and for the public to see art from all over the world in one impressive space. With almost 140 small cubicle-style galleries, each displaying anywhere from 5-30 works from various represented artists, this year’s fair held no shortage of provocative, intellectual, profound, and beautiful artworks.


On display this year were recent works by established artists and fixtures in the contemporary art scene such as Francois Morellet, Cindy Sherman, and Ben, as well as many works by up-and-coming names such as Kwangho Shin and Chiharu Shiota. China was the Guest of Honor and recurring theme for the fair this year, allowing many international galleries to exhibit political and cultural works relating to contemporary China. The fair presented an excellent mixture of eastern and western art, adding diversity to the displays and giving a voice to contemporary artists from all corners of the world. Some standout displays were those of London-based Hua Gallery and Korean Nuovo Gallery.


Click through the images to see some of Art Paris 2014’s best works on display.

Yaacov Agam
Untitled, 1982
Painting, Mixed media
Espace Meyer Zafra

Liu Bolin
Instant Noodles, 2014
150 x 120 cm
Galerie Paris-Beijing



Norman Dilworth
Structure Series 2A No. 2, 1972
41 x 41 x 41 cm
From 15000 to 20000 ?
Laurent Delaye Gallery


Angela Glajcar
Terforation, 2011
Installation, Work on paper
70 x 100 cm
From 5000 to 10000 ?
Eduardo Secci Contemporary

Gottfried Honegger
Relief Z 1477, 2007
From 15000 to 20000 ?
Galerie Lahumière

Mathias Kiss
Miroir Froissé #2, 2008
Miroir, socle bois.
100 x 140 x 60 cm
From 30000 to 50000 ?
Armel Soyer

Obong Kwon
untitled, 2008
112 x 112 x 4 cm
From 10000 to 15000 ?
Nuovo gallery

Palut Marod
Emotion, 2012
200 x 200 x 5 cm
Adler Subhashok Gallery

Manuel Mérida
Cercle bleu outremer, 2011
Mixed media
81 cm
Espace Meyer Zafra

Véra Molnar
Un deux trois – D, 2012
80 x 80 cm
From 10000 to 15000 ?
Galerie Oniris ? Florent Paumelle

François Morellet
Enchainement n°12, 2013
4 angles droits de néon blanc sur toile brute sur bois
156 x 154 cm
From 50000 to 100000 ?
Galerie Oniris ? Florent Paumelle

François Morellet
10 lignes au hasard hybrides n°3, 2007
100 x 100 cm
From 50000 to 100000 ?
Galerie Oniris ? Florent Paumelle

Jane Motin
“Enlever” un des 13 dessins de “Action – fuite, verbes d’action”, 2013
24 x 32 cm
Less than 5000 ?
Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre

Nathaniel Rackowe
NLP4, 2013
90 x 60 cm
From 15000 to 20000 ?


Chiharu Shiota
In Silence, 2008
Fil de laine noir, piano à queue et chaises brûlés
Galerie Daniel Templon

All images are copyright of Art Paris Art Fair.

Art Paris 2014 took place at Grand Palais in Paris from March 27-30. Visit artparis.fr to browse galleries and take a virtual tour of the fair.