The Miami You Haven't Seen


ernhard Lang, a german photographer who has been specializing in aerial photography since 2010, gives us a new series that highlights the diverse landscapes of Miami. While he juxtaposes the natural coastline with the industrial architecture of this energetic city, Lang's photographs are brought together by his unique style. One shot of cars parked in a packed lot could easily be mistaken for a painting, its aerial view accentuating the seemingly curated zig zag pattern of the parked vehicles. The same aesthetic is seen in his “beachscapes,” as the camera's distance mutes Miami’s beaches into serene and abstract images that take us out of their bustling realities. With his Miami series, Bernhard Lang once again highlights his strength in transforming environments into miniature representations of themselves, allowing us to enjoy mainstream settings from a different perspective.




Written by Danielle Short

By Published on May 06 2015