L’art de Vivre
Les Prés d'Eugenie


mbodying the French ‘L’art de vivre’, Les Prés d’Eugenie delivers a truly unparalleled experience through a macro lens on the finer details, holding both sensibility and aesthetics to an extremely high caliber.


Originally existing as the summer spa village of Empress Eugenie in 1861 (Napoleon III’s wife), Les Prés d’Eugenie is, a century later, a family-run operation headed by no other than the three Michelin-starred chef, Michel Guérard.

  • Royal Standard
  • 334 Rue René Vielle
  • Eugénie-les-Bains, France
  • +33 5 58 05 06 07
  • www.relaischateaux.com

    Les Prés d’Eugenie resembles a traditional Auberge country house, treated with a coat of opulence, and sealed with regality. The estate hosts 42 apartments, suites and rooms, all within walking distance – a small village of sorts.


    A 90-minute drive from Biarritz, the estate is a romantic escape, a mini-empire of recreational amenities, marble baths, rose and water gardens, and fine gastronomy. Inventor of ‘cuisine minceur’, Guérard’s dietary platform invites guests to successfully shed pounds while enjoying the art of food. Taste is certainly not sacrificed for the sake of health here.

    Laden with 18th and 19th-century antiques, the lavish suites of the Main House are adorned in wood paneling and white marble, each room manicured to perfection. From the brass knob light switches to the delicately-placed paper bags wrapping guests’ slippers, to the highbrow selection of original artwork everywhere, each and every detail has been addressed with the greatest of care.


    Equipped with a staff as attentive as the decor is to detail, a place as lavish as the experience is wholesome, and an institution as rich in history as progressive in culinary and healthy living, Les Prés d’Eugenie is more than a 5-star resort, it’s a way of life.

    Source : Relais & Châteaux

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    By Published on Dec 01 2015