A Rustic-Luxe Experience
Awasi Patagonia

When one hears the word “exotic”, a warm tropical paradise often comes to mind. Patagonia isn’t the epitome of exoticism but the more we get to know it, the more surprised we become.


Places like Awasi, located deep in the heart of the National Park and surrounded by the Torres del Paine mountains, certainly helps redefine the rustic getaway, bring an air of exoticism and adventure to those lucky enough to experience it.

  • Royal Standard
  • Tercera Barranca, Torres del Paine
  • Patagonia, Chile
  • + (56-2)2233-9641
  • www.awasipatagonia.com

    Designed by the architect Felipe Assadi, the lodge expands in 12 luxurious and uber-contemporary villas through the Chilean woods, which protect the area from the notorious strong Patagonian winds. Reminiscent of the shape of large containers –the kind we wished that we could redesign and live an industrial dream in- and inspired by the old Patagonian shelters, the villas are made out of local woods and seem to co-exist in total balance with the nature around them.


    The mirroring windows offer a breathtaking view to the forest, where the guests have the chance to observe closely guanacos, rheas, foxes and occasionally even pumas. Your very own National Geographic documentary is just one Periscope away!


    While booking, a personal reservations assistant is there to help with choosing the right villa for you, depending on personal preferences, the different views, path slope and distance, since they are located from 50m to 400m away from the main house. The 12 villas (one of which provides two suites), spread in an 80 square meters area, with a living room, bathtub, separate shower and an outdoor hot tub, perfect for a luxurious star-gazing experience.

    One of the advantages that consist the lodge such an irresistible choice, is the privacy that offers: the villas are distanced enough from one another that secure a feeling of seclusion, of being alone with this nature of stunning beauty. Inside the villas, there’s this unparalleled warmth of home away from home, due to the minimalist wooden decoration, highlighted by the fur spreads and the discreet lighting.


    It makes it very tempting to never leave the villa throughout your stay, but it would surely be a pity to miss out on all the special programs the lodge offers. Besides enjoying the scenery and watching the fauna, there is a variety of excursions, such as trips for nature lovers, to the places no tourist guide speaks of.


    After all, Patagonia is known for its charming remoteness. If you are more of a lone traveler, a private excursion guide will be your personal companion while you’re either fly fishing or puma spotting. Either way, after a long day in the wild, the lodge’s restaurant and the dishes of the Executive Chef, Federico Ziegler, will take you to a trip to the reinvented Patagonian gastronomy of innovative combinations with a strong focus on local products.

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    Written by Ada Alti



    By Published on Oct 20 2015