08 Dec 2015 - 1:31 am

It all started with a leisurely walk. Fouad Filali was strolling along Lecce’s Baroque historic center when he stumbled upon a crumbling 17th century house for sale. Soon, Filali would transform this house into what is now one of the most elegant hotels in Puglia- La Fiermontina.


Filali named his establishment after his maternal grandmother, Antonia Fiermonte. A Puglia native, Antonia charmed the 1930s art and society scenes. Fittingly, Filali hired only the best to bring his project to life. Architect Antonio Annicchiarico, whose works include projects for director Roberto Benigni and the Hermes family; breathed life to hotel’s sixteen private rooms, courtyards, and gardens.


The result is nothing less but romantic. Vaulted star-pinnacled ceilings and traditional pietra di Trani floors give guests a glimpse into the Puglia’s glorious baroque past. The environs are also nothing short of enchanting: mediterranean vibrancy of sun and water, cobbled-stoned little towns, and ancient olive trees that are trademarks of southern Italy, make La Fiermontina the perfect Italian escape.