A Journey Into Quechuan Culture
On View in Miami's Little River

{Runa Simi}, translated as The People’s Language, is a beautiful series captured by photographer of Karolina Wojtasik on view at The Index Gallery in Miami for just 2 more days. The show features portraits taken by Wojtasik during a month sojourn in Peru. This exhibition embodies Wojtasik’s continuing journey into the commonalities in tradition, clothing, and structure visible among the few remaining people who exist in a state of detachment from contemporary lifestyle.


Quechuan culture is believed to have originated at least a thousand years before the rise of the Inca Empire and the communities that Wojtasik captured in the Andean highlands is a look into the past. Largely a remote community, they are self-sustained and still implement ancient farming techniques, rich textile crafts, and weaving techniques – all captured in this project, Runa Simi. The difficulty in reaching these communities enables their traditions to remain preserved. Wojtasik ventured into the inner sanctum of the people and emerged with modern portraits of their culture, documentation of a living history.


By Published on Feb 18 2016