7 Classic & Delicious Restaurants in Rome

Rome in the summer is either a wonderful secret or overwhelming tourist attraction. It depends how you look at it. Visiting in June means queuing for hours for just about anything, which is well worth it but exhausting. Yet in August, Romans go out of town and tourists prefer the beach- this is when we recommend visiting.


In terms of food, the options are endless. Gabrielle Salini, a seventh generation roman and owner of Rome’s most unconventional boutique hotel G-Rough, has been kind enough to put the ultimate restaurant list together to guide you towards the most characteristics and authentic places to eat in Rome. We’ll let him tell you all about them.

Settimio al Pellegrino

Teresa the magnificent chef and her husband Mario, raised me on their homemade pasta, following the true traditions of a weekly Roman menu: Thursday gnocchi, Sunday fettucine, and ending with delicious Mont Blanc, the best in Rome.

  • Street Standard
  • Via del Pellegrino, 117
  • Rome, Italy
  • +39 06 6880 1978
  • Al Moro

    A family favorite for generations. Franco Romagnoli, the wonder, will welcome you as though you were a family member. Favorite dishes include spaghetti alla Moro, scampi cooked in white wine and for desert zabaglione with mixed berries or dark chocolate.

  • Street Standard
  • Vicolo delle Bollette, 13
  • Rome, Italy
  • +39 06 678 3495
  • www.ristorantealmororoma.eu


    Alessandro Roscioli offers an unusual experience: eat at a classic, delicacy-rich eatery with a selection of the finest meats and cheeses with a wine list worthy of the best. The setting is informal and the kitchen, refined.

  • Street Standard
  • Via dei Giubbonari, 21/22
  • Rome, Italy
  • +39 06 687 5287
  • www.salumeriaroscioli.com

    Armando al Pantheon

    Just a short walk from the Pantheon you’ll find a family atmosphere with typical Roman dishes: classic amatriciana, artichokes, and puntarelle (chicory sprouts) with anchovies.

  • Street Standard
  • Salita dè Crescenzi, 31
  • Rome, Italy
  • +39 06 6880 3034
  • www.armandoalpantheon.it

    La Rosetta

    Massimo Ricciolo, the inventor of “il crudo all’italiana” (raw food italian style) will welcome you with a selection of the finest fish, mollusks and crustaceans. The environment is sophisticated.

  • Design Standard
  • Via della Rosetta, 8-9
  • Rome, Italy
  • +39 06 686 1002
  • www.larosetta.com

    Checco er Carrettiere

    In the heart of Rome’s historic quarters, Trastevere, is one of my family’s more frequented restaurants. The potato gateau and the typical roman fried mix are highly recommended. The bathrooms still have the mishappen mirrors from my childhood.

  • Street Standard
  • Via Benedetta, 10
  • Rome, Italy
  • +39 06 581 7018
  • www.checcoercarettiere.it

    Cul de Sac

    Located right next door to G-Rough, this place is open til late. Simple food, fast meal. The pates and selection of cheeses, together with the excellent wines make this a perfect spot for a quick snack. My favorites are the involtini di foglie di vite (stuffed grape leaves) and the coppetta meravigliosa.

  • Street Standard
  • Piazza di Pasquino, 73
  • Rome, Italy
  • +39 06 6880 1094
  • www.enotecaculdesacroma.it
    By Published on Aug 05 2015