5 Reasons to Visit Mozambique

First-time Africa visitors often opt for destinations up north, such as Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia – and that is where they go terribly wrong.If you want to truly taste Africa, skip the north and go straight to Mozambique.

Written by Oliver Hyde


Scrumptious and Zesty

Due to its close trade relations with Asia and Europe, Mozambique’s cuisine is characterized by both local and foreign flavors. Upon arriving in this wild land, make sure you try paõ, peri peri chicken, matapas, prawns, and locally grown exotic fruits. Lovers of fine spirits should be careful with Tipo Tinto, the national rum – the heady drink has given many a tourist a nasty hangover.


Beach Fun

Mozambique is home to some of Africa’s cleanest beaches, and the Bazaruto and Quirimbas archipelagos are popular among professional divers worldwide. Stretching some 400 km between Rovuma River and Pemba, Quirimbas gathers several islands and islets fringed by coral reefs. Some of the islands in the archipelago are still uninhabited, which makes them ideal for bold wilderness explorers.



Northern African regions have by now become major tourist hubs, and the genuine African spirit has been massively affected by Asian and European influences. That is why Mozambique is a much better option: here, wildlife thrives unspoiled by hazards of civilization, pristine beaches stretch out to turquoise sea, and the climate is ideal for both underwater and ground-borne adventures during much of the year.


Safari to Lion's Den

Mozambique is not all sun and pristine beaches: venturing further inland, Gorongosa National Park beckons adventurous tourists to embark a wild safari. Formerly a 1,000-square kilometer hunting reserve, Gorongosa was transformed into a national park in 1960, and its wildlife population been since growing. Here, you can see rhinos, lions, elephants, buffalos, waterbucks, antelopes, zebras, crocodiles, hippos, and hundreds of exotic bird species in their natural habitat. The heart of the jungle is a fascinating place to be, indeed!



Mozambique’s capital of Maputo is home to the country’s most colorful markets. Here, local merchants are eager to haggle so you can get everything you need at a highly favorable price. Food, fabrics, souvenirs, artifacts – you name it, Maputo vendors probably have it. The Craft Market is a popular tourist attraction, where you can purchase handmade jewelry and home decorations for as few as a couple of dollars.

By Published on Mar 21 2016