The magic of this unique vacation spot has been overshadowed by a reputation of parties and excesses. But those who are adventurous enough not to be deterred, can venture out past the craziness of Kuta nightlife and the congested streets of Seminyak to discover the inland town of Ubud. Here, you will not only find an untarnished spiritual hub, but also a luxurious off-the-grid experience that is so rare to find in this ever-connected world.

Written by Vivianne Lapointe

Cover Photography by Live Fast Magazine


The Nature

Deep river valleys are flanked by panoramic views of lush, tropical rainforest. You are immersed in a seemingly endless jungle, most of it undisturbed. But Bali is more than just tropical landscape. Take a motorbike ride along glistening, impeccably tiered rice fields carved into the landscape, see the incense smoke rising from the nearby temples along the horizon, or watch the sun dip below the volcano range and turn the sky a fiery fuchsia. Every act of nature here feels so grand, so singular, it is no wonder the community of Ubud has built its infrastructure to coexist within it rather than tear it down.


The Poolside Hang

Bali boasts some of the best pools in the world, thanks to steep cliff sides that drop down into rushing rivers, lending to opportunities for stunning Infiniti pool construction. Take the Ubud Hanging Gardens for example. Considered the world’s best pool, this two-tiered piano shaped pool is an Instagram staple and the closest to feeling at the edge of the world many will ever come. Each resort in Ubud has their own version, and you could spend an entire week hopping from one oasis to the next. But the best is the newly constructed Jungle Fish. With swinging cabanas, mid-century modern decor and passion fruit mojitos, it is hard to beat.


The Food

First things first- there is the incredible local fare- fried rice topped with an egg, spicy Sambal and the ripest fruit. But the food scene here has also been on the forefront of clean eating, catering to Yogis and wellness enthusiasts who migrate here year-round for the young coconut and the organic produce. Capitalizing on both cuisines, star chefs from Australia are moving here to experiment and innovate on asian fare, adding a twist of freshness and style at cafe’s like Locavore and Spice.


The Creative Awakening

The Balinese culture is one of constant ceremony and thanks-giving. The traditional Kecak fire dance is a mesmerizing performance of Hindu legend meant to entrance and inspire awe. There is an overflow of spiritual energy here. Holistic healers often visit to absorb it, and now elite organizations like The Invitational Group use Bali as their secret destination for songwriting, providing a means of escape from industry pressure for artists like Kesha and Nick Jonas, or legendary producers Steve Lillywhite and John Alagia. It’s the perfect getaway to get reconnected.


The Here and Now

Being that Bali is an Island, the local sense of urgency with regard to time follows suit. There is no rush, barely any cell service, and a big storm can wash away your beach plans. But when you find yourself tucking away your phone, finding a hammock and listening to the rainfall, try to remember the last time you took the opportunity to slow down and reflect. The town centers can be congested and overrun with tourists, but amidst all the chaos there is the overwhelming sense of peace, the notion that, whether held up by an inconvenient traffic jam or meditating amidst the sound of motorbikes whizzing by, wherever you are, you are living in the moment.

By Published on Jun 08 2016